About the Trilogy

Book One: The Becoming

Banished from the world of the living, the evil spirit of Vile lives on. But now, after a millennium of imprisonment within his rune-warded tomb, a key has been found. A key to freedom. A key to revenge.

Far from her home in Turien, the sheltered Princess Fayah finds herself on an unexpected journey through exotic lands to witness first-hand The Great Rift – that bottomless chasm at the end of the world. But when Fayah is captured by a goblin horde, her dreams quickly turn to nightmares, as Vile’s dark magic changes her forever.

Tanner; quixotic, brash, and the best swordsman in the land.
Dundermin; surly leader of the Highland dwarves.
And Princess Fayah; heir apparent to the throne.

In a fight against harrowing creatures, undead sorcerers, and possessed madmen, these three heroes are all that stand between their world and the evil that lives in The Great Rift.

Book Two:  (Coming Soon)

Book two of the trilogy brings Fayah, Tanner, and Dundermin home to Turien, only to witness the unthinkable – the city has been decimated. Now, with their world in ruins and a relentless enemy on their heels, our heroes embark on a quest to locate the final key, taking them into the very bowels of . . . The Great Rift.